About Us

Cal’s Manufacturing was founded in August 1999 with Carlton, Annette, and Lisa coming together to form its name and company. An all-rounded Jamaican company, that started from a backyard with just one tank mixing with one bag of sugar to produce its number one product Cal’s syrup selling in the community and to nearby businesses and post offices.

A market-oriented company saw consistent growth in all areas, made the move to increase its quantity of products and a new location. This saw the production of Fruit Wine, Vinegar, and Lime Juice. Further promotions and expansion saw the addition of Cal’s Ketchup into the mix.

Cal’s manufacturing brand has been unique in the market with a difference in the ingredients in each product. With more products being manufactured, the company expanded and relocated once more. One of our most successful products was brought on board at this location and to date has set Cal’s on the map locally. This was the introduction of Real Vibes, street wine. Cal’s is responsible for its own manufacturing and distribution of its products.
With an enthusiastic marketing, management, and operations team, Cal’s has created a dynamic environment seen through its customer base and product quality. Constantly aiming to uphold the efficiency of its operations and its products offered, and with an existing product line ranging from syrups to ketchup, lime juices, and water, the market is theirs for the taking.